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 Minister Tourism inaugurates Motor Boat Picnic on river Ganges

Click here to view Large PictureTourism Department has an ambitious plan to focus on Ganga Ghats in Patna as a major tourist attraction. Under this plan the department would be developing/strengthening certain identified Ghats as Evening Prayer Ghats (on the lines of similar practice in Varanasi, where "Sandhya Ganga Aarti" has proved to be extremely popular), developing Ganga cruise with dining facility (a 48 cover floating restaurant would be plying on the river Ganges shortly), and developing week end motor boat picnics on the river Ganges.

Hon'ble Minister Tourism inaugurated the motor boat picnic in the Ganges on 1st June, 2007 at 4.30 PM. Under this scheme BSTDC is running 2 eight seater motor boats from Gandhi Ghat (near Engineering College), down stream in the Ganges. These motor boats would not only afford a fun filled and exciting river journey to the tourists but would also take them to a river Island. The river island would have arrangements for rest, recreation and eatables. The river island would have facilities for Volley ball, Cricket, Flying disc, Ring ball etc. In addition there would be facilities for mouth watering food stuffs like Samosa, noodles, mineral water, ice-cream, tea, coffee and a variety of light snacks. Both the sports facilities and eatables can be availed on nominal payments. Picnickers would have the option of buying food coupons and sports coupon either from Gandhi Ghat or from the river island. The rates of food coupons and sports coupon is as follows:

Tea Rs. 5.00 per cup
Coffee Rs. 5.00 per cup
Jaljeera Rs. 5.00 per glass
Sudha Mattha Printed Rate +1-% service charges (making round off)
Mineral Water Rs. 12.00 per bottle
Veg Pakora (6 pieces) Rs. 25.00 per plate
Samosa Rs. 5.00 per piece
Noodles Rs. 10.00 per plate
Chips Printed Rate +1-% service charges (making round off)
Kurkure Printed Rate +1-% service charges (making round off)

Volley Ball Rs. 10.00/1/2 hrs
Cricket Rs. 10.00/1/2 hrs
Flying Disc           Rs. 05.00/1/2 hrs             
Ring ball Rs. 05.00/12 hrs

Those who are not interested in eatables or sports activities can relax under reclining chairs, colourful sun umbrellas and chhatari being provided by BSTDC.

In the initial phase BSTDC would provide the aforesaid facilities for people of Patna on every Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 P.M. to 6:20 P.M. in the evening. Developing on response these facilities would be extended.

Click here to view large pictureThe price of one boat ride ticket has been kept at Rs. 50.00 per person. The tickets would be available in BSTDC's, Hotel Kautilya Vihar, Beer Chand Patel, Patna-1, BSTDC's Chandragupta Jal Vihar (Moinul Haque Stadium, Rajendra Nagar), Airport Counter of BSTDC and Gandhi Ghat. BSTDC would also provide free pickup and drop service to groups of 14 or more picnickers making unblock reservations. BSTDC would also provide these boats on chartered bookings on week days also.

Each motor boat is fitted with Yamaha 25 HP Air-cooled two strokes engine. Each boat is also equipped with individual life jackets for each passenger (eight life jackets per boat). In addition each boat has two buyers (floating tubes) each.

If you are lucky you could spot schools of Ganges dolphins (locally called "Sonse") while enjoying this weekend boat ride on Ganges.


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